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My friend had been inviting me home for quite some time now. She had been on a trip to Australia and was eager to share her experiences. Though she did share a few of them over the phone she wanted to share it with me in person and also wanted to show me the photos she had taken during the trip. I told her that I would meet her at her home on a Saturday. I was getting ready to leave when the servicemen for the HVAC system arrived.

I had totally forgotten that I had signed up a new maintenance contract at and that the service appointment was due that day. Now, since they had already arrived, there was no scope for rescheduling either. I did not want to disappoint my friend once again. So, I did not call her either to say that I would not be coming. The service was over in a jiffy and I was relieved to notice that I would be able to make it to my friend’s house with just a delay of about 10-15 minutes from the time I had said I would meet her at her home. We had a great time together talking to each other and I got to see each and every photo that my friend had taken on the trip.

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